Teddy Berta

£ Unavailable

An original gift for any age! To the younger or older people this will be an irresistible gift. Apart from being absolutely cuddly the teddy Berta will also be a great reason to recall good moments.

Teddy Paddy

£ 11.90

To make a special moment even more unique, Teddy Paddy is the ideal gift! Friendly and original, Paddy will conquer all the attention with its customizable t-shirt.

Teddy Barney

£ 11.90

Customize Barney's shirt with a message or a photo.

Teddy Bunny

£ 11.90

The friendly Teddy Bunny has a customizable t-shirt where you can print your photos or a message to give to loved ones.

Teddy Knut

£ 11.90

The Teddy Knut will save your photos and show them over and over. A customized gift that everyone enjoys receiving.

Teddy Hardy

£ 11.90

With the scarf with hearts, Teddy Hardy will be the protagonist of all romantic gifts. The shirt can be customized with a small declaration of love or a romantic photo.