Save your memories!

Now you may keep your files forever!

What is this?

This new feature allows Dreambooks to protect your products much longer! Thus, your files will be backed up and can be printed again during the period you choose.

How to use the service?

  • Select "My account"

    By selecting this option you will be able to consult all your unfinished projects, your orders placed and your customer profile.

  • Select "My Orders"

    In this panel you will find the listing of all your ordered products.

  • Check the "Copie Request Deadline"

    Through this information you will be able to understand how long the file will remain stored on the Dreambooks server.

  • Renew the backup

    On the same panel you will find the icon with the timer which will allow you to extend the duration of file backup, by subscribing the backup service.

  • Duplicate your order

    This button will give you the possibility of duplicating your order, allowing you to demand a new Printing.

  • Know when your backup time has expired

    By the time you find the grey icons you will know that your deadline has expired and that your file has been removed from the Dreambooks server, ensuring the security of your data.

Advantages and functionalities

  • Store

    Your print files will be stored in your personal account.

  • Protect

    By acquiring this service you will have the possibility to securely and effectively protect your memories.

  • Acess

    By purchasing this service you can easily access the listing of your print files through your personal account.

  • Print

    You can duplicate and print the product as many times as you like, for the given time you've selected.


Choose the validity that best suits your needs: 60 days or 1, 5, 10, 25 years.
Dreambooks provides free file protection for the first 60 days after the completion of any order.

60 days 0€
1 year 1.90€
5 years 5.90€
10 years 9.90€
25 years 19.90€


Attention! This service is available for finished orders, and it is not possible to edit them nor recover the photographs. For more information please consult the Legal Terms of use for the service here.