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    Making the photo album of your dreams has never been so easy. With the Dreambooks Service, you only have to upload photos and we create the album for you. Save all your memories in high-quality photo albums, printed on photographic paper and share it with your friends and family.

What is the pagination service?

With our renovated service, making a photo album never has been so easy. Choose your favorite photos from your computer, clouds or social media, upload them to the software and we’ll create you a beautiful photo album. Save time and effort printing your best memories.

  • Quick Pagination Service Dreambooks


    In less than 48 hours, your photo album will be available to approve.

  • Convenient Pagination Service Dreambooks


    To create your photo album, you only have to choose your photos.

  • Simple Pagination Service Dreambooks


    Intuitive process and very easy to do.

  • Enjoyable Pagination Service Dreambooks


    Provide nice moments by sharing your best memories proper organized in a photo album.

Standard Pagination VS Unlimited Pagination

The renewed pagination service, now with even more customized layouts that fits better to your photographs, is available in two options: By picking the Pagination Standard service, you'll only have access to two album formats: 22x30 cm, New Book and 23x31 cm Classic. In this basic version, we'll create your photo album with a fixed number of photographs and pages.

To full customization, you can choose the Unlimited service. With this version, you'll not only have full access to our 14 albums formats but you'll be able to create your photo album with the number of photographs and pages that you want. You can also choose different colors to the background and personalize de photographs by adding shadows and funny shapes. Create a photo album never has been so easy!

Pagination Seervice Standard Unlimited
Formats 22x30cm | 23x31cm All 14
Nº Photos 100 fotos | 150 fotos Free (from 12 to 200)
Nº Sheets Fixed Free (from 20 to 84)
Colours White Free
Cover Types 1 6
Photo Shapes No Yes
Shadow Effects No Yes
Price 0.00€/£ 4.90€/£
Pagination service Dreambooks

How to make a Photo Album?

Would you like to have your best moments saved in a photo album, printed in professional photography paper but you don't have time to create your photo albums? Here at Dreambooks, with our pagination service, we create your photo albums for you. You only have you upload your photos, pick some specifications that the service offers and in a few hours, you'll receive an email from our team for your project validation.

  • Pagination service Dreambooks - 1. Choose your Album

    1. Choose your Album

    Here, you can choose the album format that you pretend to order. You can also know all about the characteristics of the product range in our photo album comparasion.

  • Pagination service Dreambooks - 2. Name your project

    2. Name your project

    To continue with the order you'll have, first, to name your project and then, choose the option "CREATE FOR ME".

  • Pagination service Dreambooks - 3. Choose the Pagination Service

    3. Choose the Pagination Service

    At this step, you can choose between the two services available by clicking on the button "Initiate".

  • Pagination service Dreambooks - 4. Upload your photos

    4. Upload your photos

    To initiate your order, you'll have to upload your photos. Organize them by name, date or at your will by moving them manually. In the creation process, we'll respect the organization that you have done.

  • Pagination service Dreambooks - 5. Choose the level of customization

    5. Choose the level of customization

    Here, you can access to the customization that any kind of services offers you (choose the cover style, types of lettering, backgrounds, shadows, etc...).

  • Pagination service Dreambooks - 6. Finalize the order

    6. Finalize the order

    Check your data and finalize the order.

  • Pagination service Dreambooks - 7. Access to your projects

    7. Access to your projects

    By picking the menu "Create for you", you can access all your projects that were created by the pagination service.

  • Pagination service Dreambooks - 8. Approve the project

    8. Approve the project

    Approve, edit or double your projects created by the Pagination Service. Only after your approval, we'll start printing the photo album.


Dreambooks Photo Albums and the Pagination Service

Here at Dreambooks our mission is to make photography accessible to all the people. We don't want that the lack of time may be an issue that keeps you away from creating a Photo Album the saves your best memories and for that reason, we have created the Pagination Service.

We want that all the people may have the experience to have a professional photo album, fully customized in their hands. Save your best moments by creating the album of your wedding, your first child, vacation times or family moments in general.