Bags & Cases

They are indispensable tools to take every day to work or to school. With a touch of customization with your best moments, the bags or suitcases will make your routine more memorable.


Dress what you like, thanks to Dreambooks! For a party or simply to be at home, customize your garment with photos of your first date, the happiest day of your life or even the best memory of your favourite vacation! Customize it with your own creations!

Key Rings

Meet the diversity of Dreambooks key rings! Whether it is for a special person, for your son or daughter to take to school or even for yourself, your key ring won't hold only your keys but also the most remarkable moments of your life! Have a look!


Whether it is the company of your morning, afternoon or evening, enjoy the memories of your vacations, yours or your children's adventures, smiles and family!

Plush Toys

To offer a quiet night for your baby, fill the bed with plush animals that make him feel closer to you! Put your picture on it and give him sweet dreams!

Puzzles & Games

Whether it is for adults or children, remembering what you love the most is now easier. Play with past memories and win smiles for the future! If you like puzzles, enjoy gathering all the pieces of an unforgettable moment!

Smartphone & Tablet

Is your Smartphone or your tablet in need of protection? Protect all your accessories with your most beautiful memories! The most important day of your life or the best vacation ever, everything can be registered in day-to-day objects.

Table Decoration

Decorate your furniture with unique personalized photo gifts! A snow globe, a tile of marble or aluminum plate, everything you need to decorate your home!


Change your home decoration each season of the year and make your home the most original ever! Make a custom creation with your best photos and decorate any room!


Work with a smile on your face! Already working after your dream holidays? Be sure you remember those moments even at work! Keep right next to you all that's essential in your life!

Wall Decoration

Your walls will gain another colour with your memories! Put your best summer ever, passing through the spring, autumn leaves or even the cold colours of winter in your house! All with a personal touch of the best times ever!