Thematic Frames

Special days are emotional moments that we share with the people we care about most, and in this universe of affection, adding the best memories to the gifts we offer makes it a truthfully touching gift.

If you're looking for unique gifts, unlike anything you've ever offered, then Themed Frames are a great idea! Besides they are great decoration pieces, they will remain in the memory and heart of those receiving it.

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  • “I LoveYou” Frame

    £ 44.90

    If you are truly in love then nothing is ever too much to express your feelings! Grab that photo that always makes you smile and put it in this frame, so that whenever you look at it you remember you belong to each other.

    31x20 cm / 12,2x7,9 in

    Printing Area
    10x9,5 cm / 4x3,7 in

  • “Family” Frame

    £ 55.90

    There are family moments that fulfil our hearts. The intimacy, the involvement, the affection and the emotion of those who share the same happiness with us! Family is our safe haven and, therefore, deserves a special spot in home decoration, filled with the photos that make us smile and remember happy moments.

    42,5x20,5 cm / 16,7x8 in

    Printing Area
    2 15x10 - 10x10cm / 2 5,9x4 in - 4x4 in